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Shoe Fresh by Rose Peddies

Rose Peddies was founded in 2020 by Laurie who saw a need in the shoe and foot care industry that did not require a spray or messy powder. A product that could work not only on your shoes but on your feet too.  It had to be portable and small enough to fit in your purse or pocket and ready to use on the go, in the office or at home.

Laurie spent years testing and creating formulas and prototypes herself at home which led her to working with one of the nations top wipe manufacturers to perfect the formula for a long lasting refreshing cleaning wipe for your shoes and feet.

Laurie and her daughter want to bring this product to the world of sufferers. Amber is helping mom to market and distribute.  We are just two women who have had enough of stinky feet and want to share the final solution with you.  

After years of suffering the embarrassment of nasty shoe and foot odor, And discarding shoes too soon for their wear, she had enough.  Laurie tried sprays, messy powders and even stuffing fabric softener sheets in the soles of her shoes.  Nothing worked! Except until now. The lights went on.  The only way to remove the odor build up is to actually wipe the insoles to free your shoes from sweat and dirt which cause the horrific smell in your shoes.

No more leaving your shoes outside in the cold.  No more embarrassing moments when removing your shoes at someone’s home, or just under your desk at work for some relief. Shoe Fresh by Rose Peddies has eliminated this problem once and for all.

We hope you try this product and you enjoy the freedom to free your feet without fear.

Thank you!

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